Watch Michael Bocek in this full dent removal video, start to finish on all five dents. View the access, view the tools, and listen to Michael as he talks about the tools used, the complications he runs into throughout all five of these dent removals, and how he adjust on the spot. Dent Removal is not just a career, it's an art! If you have dents and dings on your vehicle, learn how PDR is performed, and what it really takes to bring your vehicle back original, and maintaining the original factory paint.  Mobile Dent Repair Services.
~Springfield, IL. ~Decatur, IL. ~Taylorville, IL. ~Bloomington, IL. 

Watch as five dents completely vanish before your eyes! Not magic, no dry ice, no compressed air, no hair dryer used. Michael removes these dents with pire skill right before your eyes! No tricks, all unedited video! Watch what it really takes to remove dents without damaging the paint! Prepare to be Amazed!

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