Mobile Dent Repair, Springfield Illinois, Decatur Illinois, Taylorville Illinois

Paintless Dent Removal on this Hyundai Volster was repaired around Springfield, IL the large dents and metal was moved back to factory condition, and the original factory paint was maintained, which maintained the vehicle value!
Paintless Dent Removal, 2014 Hyundai Volster body line dent, and softball size edge dent. Glue pull and tool. I was hoping to glue pull the rear quarter, however it required a tool to finish. Dent Expert.
Your local Dent Expert is Michael Bocek with and who is also a world competitor inside the industry, in competition Michael represents Illinois, along with Springfield.  Michael competed in the 2015 Dent Olympics in Orlando Florida in January of 2015 and is scheduled to compete on January 29th and 30th 2016 in Orlando.
(Update)   Michael did compete and video of competition coming soon.

“Quality is not act.  It is a habit.”