"Michael's Mission" & "About Michael" 

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

- John Ruskin

"I understand that today our culture's  business motto is "Never Mix Personal with Business".  Yes this maybe where the current culture is, however I do NOT believe this.  When it comes to hiring someone to remove the dents from your vehicle.  I believe that the personal and business mix together.  I want to you know about me.  I'm not big business.  I'm a small business and I've taken my skills to a level which is years beyond my competition, quality is my number one goal, and when I deliver quality, I know my customers are happy and will return.  Many times in my career my customers have told me, "I feel like I've made a friend today".  This is my goal, meeting people and providing a living for my family.  Enjoy the videos of me and my family! "
Dent Expert:  Michael  Bocek

Little about Michael Personal and Business


Samuel David Bocek: Addition to our family.
A Family Video we put together to introduce our new addition!

February 14, 2016:  A special surprise for my girls.
Short Video  

October 2016: Isabella and Daddy.

October 2016: Making Dents & Clowns Disappear

2016 Sponsored Baseball Team
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Mission: To bring quality and accountability in the PDR Industry