If you want to accept crypto for payments, this payment platform is the perfect way to go.  It's simple. Dedicated wallet address for your corporation, then just simply send a ATC or Off Ramp payment to your corporate bank account. It's that simple. Great additional options for your customers.

  1. Create a MetaMask Wallet (Free)
  2. Open account with Spritz Finance  (Free)
  3. Accept Payment From Customer.
  4. Confirm payment recieved.
  5. Connect your Spritz Finance to your MetaMask.
  6. Two options from this point.  ACH payment to your company as a bill, or attach your bank account and transfer crytpo to your account.
  7. You can also pay your credit card bills, mortage, insurance payments, utilities, personal and business loans all with Crypto.
  8. I post a memo in my accounting sofware that corrosponds with the deposit in my account.
  9. Just that simple. Faster than online check deposits, more secure.

Below is the payment platform that I am using to transfer crypto to bills or banking accounts.

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