Auto Hail-Who are these pop up dent repair places?

Who are these pop up dent repair places?

Storm chasers!  Shortly after a storm hits, many technicians will come into a town and attempt to work with body shops and local dealerships, however it’s getting to the point where they are wanting way too much of the money and are only paying the technician a small percentage for 100% of the work.

So the storm chaser will set up shop in the town and perform the art of Auto Hail Repair out of separate location.

Here are a few pointers when it comes to picking your Auto Hail Repair company.

  1. Check their website
  2. Check their reviews
  3. Ask about a warranty!

That is pretty much it.   There are some good companies that chase storms, as I do, and then there are some very poor companies that chase storms.