"One year we had a guy who said he had to go the restroom while he was competing... He left and never came back, left his tools and everything" 

- Tom Price

The Dent Olympics has gone on for 18 years straight, many countries around the world have entered, and this competition is getting larger by the year. Thousands of dent experts from around the world have the opportunity to compete in the world competition held in Orlando Florida, many are repeat contenders, and there is one two time world champion. This is no small contest, these guys are out for their Countries and then out to bring home the World Champion. There will only be one! Judged by former and retired technicians, and trainers. This competition leaves some feeling heartbroken, and others at the top of the world. Paintless Dent Removal is a very competitive industry, however finding a good dent expert is getting easier by the year. Hear about the beginning of the Olympics, and watch Michael Bocek out of Springfield, IL, work his dent, along with a few other competitors.