start to finish video on this repair kit

So you purchased A "do it yourself dent removal kit", NOW WHAT? The instructions are absolutely terrible, they are not very clear on where to get started or how to finish. This video that 21 year Dent Expert Michael Bocek has put together shows you step by step how to use the kit. *All kits are not the same. Michael successfully removes two dents right before your eyes. This is instructional video is filmed out in the field, on the jobsite, this is the real start to finish do it yourself. Michael will give you tips, and attempts to make it very clear along with giving you a warning. *Michael Bocek or 217dent assumes no liability to the damage that is done to your vehicle. All liability is assumed by the owner of the vehicle. This kit does work, on certain dents, will NOT work on others. When the paint is compromised, this kit should NOT be used.
When the dent is on a body line, this kit will not work, when the paint is compromised this dent kit will not work. Michael understands that you want to remove the dents, dings and hail damage from your vehicle by yourself, and it is possible but not suggested. This video is worth every penny and should be watched a few times before the PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) process is attempted.

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