Here are some common words used that a dent expert will use, along with the meaning. Looking for a dent expert? Look no further!  Easy search, free search, free listing for techs.    Https:// 

Common Words among Dent Experts and Adjusters. Or words you may see on your (Estimate)
  • (PDR) = Paintless Dent Removal
  • (Outtie) = Where the dent is backwards, cause of a brace, hood prop, or a PPR
  • (PPR) = Poor previous repair
  • (P2P) = Push to Paint.  Dent expert will push metal to get it ready for the body shop to minimize fillers, the paint is already compromised at this point.
  • (Supplement) = The shop themselves is not or can not do the work, so they hire a outside company to preform the repairs.
  • (R&I) = Removal and Installation of a part, to preform necessary repairs.
  • (R&R) = Removal and Replace of a part, part can’t be fixed or it’s cheaper to replace than to fix.