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5 Benefits Of Paintless Dent Removal 

Paintless dent removal, or PDR, is a method of dent and ding removal, which doesn’t require you to change the original paint job on your vehicle. For small and medium car dents, this technique of dent repair is effective and with a dent expert, cost of dent removal could be significantly reduced if you decide on paintless dent removal. It’s also a great option in case you need auto hail repair, because paintless hail repair is a fast method which provides great results, your Springfield Dent Expert, Michael Bocek 

In case you’re in need for Auto Dent Removal, here are the top 5 benefits of PDR:


It doesn’t require much time to be done
Paintless dent removal is a really fast way to fix dents in your car. With conventional methods for dent repair, dent removal can take up to couple of weeks, but, for minor dents, PDR takes only a couple of hours for a quality auto dent removal. Michael Bocek offers mobile service to your home or work for your convenience. 

HTTP://217DENT.COM Time of Dent repair is less thand a body shop and most times the dent removal can be done at your work or home as a mobile service.


It often more cost effective
Unlike traditional dent removal, done in some auto repair shops, the cost of dent removal with the PDR method is better and significantly more budget-friendly. Vehicle hail repair or auto dent removal prices are reasonable when you use paintless dent removal, which, among other advantages, attracts people to this dent repair method. Paintless Dent Repair often saves you money, Springfield IL


It maintains original quality of the paint
A complete paint job not only costs a lot, it also doesn’t allow you to keep the original paint of the car, which reduces its value. With time, every car is in dire need for dent and ding removal or hail repair, so, with paintless dent removal, you can repair all that damage quickly, without sacrificing the original factory paint job, and for a reasonable price. Also, you will avoid color mismatching, which is often the problem with traditional dent repair methods, which use paint in their process of dent removal.

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It will increase your car’s value
If you decide on selling your car, find a local dent guy or a dent repair expert, who can tell you within what price range can he make your car look brand new, with the method of paintless dent removal. A minor investment in hail or dent repair can dramatically alter the price of your used car, by preserving its original paint job and restoring the original quality of the body panels.

value In Paintless Dent Removal, Springfield, IL


It’s eco-friendly
It’s essential to try to minimize the damage we do to our environment, and, even though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about dent repair, it’s great to know you won’t be doing any harm to the planet with paintless dent removal method. Paintless dent removal doesn’t use any paint, as the name suggests, for vehicle hail repair or dent removal, so there won’t be any toxic chemicals released from different types of solvents and paints as used in traditional dent repair. If you use paintless dent removal for dent repair, not only will your wallet and your car will be thankful, the planet will be too. Michael Bocek is protecting the environment one job at a time around Springfield, IL. 

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