Insurance claimants lose out on thousands of dollars

“Many insurance claimants lose out on thousands of dollars because they settle for the first offer the insurance company gives out. Insurance companies take advantage of the natural emotional response consumers experience after a loss, but National Adjustment Services goes beyond the basic considerations to get their clients more.”…. more

Insurance claims advocate, National Adjustment Services, has launched a nationwide campaign for claimants and claims adjusters. National Adjustment Services encourages claimants to get help after an insurance claim, so they don’t lose out twice.

National Adjustment Services is beginning a campaign to team up with the nation’s best public claims adjusters. (This site has been shut down)

Public Claims Adjusters know the tactics of big insurance companies when it comes to processing claims. What customers don’t know saves these big companies millions of dollars, while causing many claimants to lose out.

The team at National Adjustment Services has a wealth of information that anyone suffering from a deprivation of property may need to know before going forward in the claims process. Most policy holders do not know that it is their responsibility to evaluate the full value of their property and goods after a loss, not the responsibility of the insurance company.

According to the experts at National Adjustment Services, insurance companies want to protect themselves and seek to pay the least amount possible for compensation for their customers. Insurance companies send out company claims adjusters to estimate, who more often than not quote the bare minimum to cover losses.

Public Insurance Claims Adjusters, like those at National Adjustment Services, are experts on loss. These public claims adjusters understand the fundamentals of filing a claim and the full claim adjusting process.

The first step in filing a claim is to assess the damages. At this point, insurance companies will attempt to assist customers by sending out their own claims adjuster who will estimate the cost of loss. This should not be the only estimate a client receives in the claim process, but unfortunately this is where any many claimants stop.

The next step is to document, organize and gather all documentation. After this is done, the next logical step is to hire a public adjuster to do their own inspection and approximate costs. This is by far the most important step to getting all that is due; professionals know how to power through the tough areas.

Property owners need the help of Public Adjusters to reduce the shock value of a traumatic event. With the help of a public adjuster, a client can get back to business sooner and leave the tedious task of a claims process to the professionals. Public Insurance Claims Adjusters can help with all types of insurance losses including: home, business, fire, explosion, smoke damage, vandalism, theft, flood, and wind and hail damage. They can also assist claimants with the preparation of paperwork and with filing a claim.

National Adjustment Services believes that experience counts. When a claimant hires National Adjustment Services, they are provided with Public Adjusters, Property Loss Consultants, Engineers, Property Inspection Experts, and CPA Services, all included.

When a client hires National Adjustment Services, they can expect the following:

  • To have claims increased by 30-50%
  • To have no out of pocket expenses
  • To be provided with “Start to finish” guidance throughout claims process
  • To have access to 24 Hour emergency response
  • Board-ups to keep from further loss or damage
  • Quick Temporary Repairs to decrease future or additional expenses

About National Adjustment Services:
Because National Adjustment Services deals with insurance companies all the time, National Adjustment Services will expedite claims and help make sure they are paid in a timely manner. National Adjustment Services knows the proper terminology and the right people to speak to in order to get results, and can interpret all the small details of any insurance policy. National Adjustment Services wastes no time in obtaining and evaluating the facts and presenting the claim. Visit for more info.