How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work? Springfield Illinois

How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

As an often best and fast way for vehicle hail repair and dent or ding removal, paintless dent removal, or PDR, is growing more and more popular. More and more car owners decide on paintless dent removal, not only because it’s recommended by dent repair experts, but because it offers most efficient work for the amount of value maintained. Another additional advantage is that this type of dent removal and vehicle hail repair takes more than half time less to remove dents in your car. It’s a great choice for all vehicles, because paintless dent removal can help you bring back the original quality of your car’s exterior, without altering its original factory paint.
What is paintless dent removal?

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By now, you’ve probably heard that PDR has many benefits and that it’s the best option for dent repair, but do you know what paintless dent removal really means and what makes it different than traditional dent repair methods?
First of all, as you guessed by now, PDR doesn’t use paint to mask your dents or scratches. In traditional methods of automotive hail and dent repair, paint or body-fillers are used to fill in the problematic areas, which often results in mismatched colors or in need to do a new paint job.
With paintless dent removal, there is no similarity to traditional method, because there’s no use of paint, or sanding involved. PDR repairs dents, dings, hail damage and similar damage to your car’s exterior by pulling in and pushing out dents, to make things simple as we can. Some people compare the paintless dent removal process with massage, because that’s what it basically looks like. Dent repair experts use special techniques and tools to restore the original position of the metal without damaging the original paint.

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It might sound simple, because it is, but it’s in no way possible to successfully repair dents without a dent repair expert. Some people get fooled into thinking that, because of its simplicity, paintless dent removal is something that can be successfully done at home, but, it requires knowledge and experience that only dent repair experts have. DIY paintless dent removal more often results in bigger damage than the car had initially. With the right expertise and experience, paintless dent removal can fix dents on your car in couple of hours, so leave paintless dent removal in the hands of experts.
Can all dents be repaired with PDR?
Unfortunately, not all dents can be repaired with this cost-effective and efficient method, because it can be used only on minor or medium dents. In more severe damage, cost of dent removal will be much bigger and must be done using the traditional paint job methods.


If you’re not sure if you have dents that can be fixed with paintless dent removal, locate a dent guy or a local dent repair expert and ask for a consult. When there’s an option for vehicle hail repair or a ding and dent removal which will allow you to save money and time, and all the while have superb results, why stick to traditional outdated methods?