Screwdriver Dent Removal

Screwdriver Dent Removal, Start to finish Video 

By: Michael Bocek Of Springfield, IL 

I take a screwdriver and remove a dent from this 2013 Ford Escape, the only tools used, was what was shown in the video.  There is no special tricks.  It's a professional showing what can be done, however this is not suggested and it will cause damage to your vehicle if not performed properly.  Paintless dent removal takes years to learn, and I have been performing the art for 21 years.  Since I posted this video on youtube, I have had three phone calls with customers who have attempted it themselves and only one of the three attempts were able to be repaired.   This was a fun video to make, and there are more to come!  Stay tuned!!  

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Grandview, IL 
Bissell, IL 
Toronto, IL 
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