Collinsville IL Hail Repair by 217dent 2018 Ford F-150 Aluminum Truck with hail damage on hood roof and sides, Collinsville Hail Repair

Paintless Dent Removal is the best option for auto hail damage, this will maintain the value of your vehicle and maintain original panels.   November 2017, December 2017 and January 2018 we worked on many new vehicles that were damaged in the November hail storm.  Here are some images and short videos of the repairs that…

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Collinsville Il Auto Hail Repair and Paintless Dent Removal

Collinsville IL Auto Hail Repair, Paintless Dent Removal, Ding Removal, Auto Hail Response Team,

We have been working on the brand new vehicles in Collinsville, IL and as a 22 year dent repair expert, these cars recieved some really good hits.  The 2018 and 2017 Ford F-150’s, Mustangs, Escapes, Transits, Navigators, GMC 1500 have been repaired with the PDR process, this maintains the value of the vehicle, since the…

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Auto Hail Damage 2014 Kia Optima

Auto Hail Damage Repair, 2014 Kia Optima, Collinsville, IL and Springfield, I

This 2014 Kia Optima recieved severe hail damage around Edwardsville, IL.  This vehicle was repaired with the paintless dent removal process and the value of the vehicle was maintained.  All dents were removed and even a few door dings repaired.  As I was finishing up the repairs to this vehicle, my phone started going off…

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Shelbyville IL, Insurance and Illegal Steering from Insurance Companies

Steps after the storm. Contact your insurance company and get your claim number. Schedule a free inspection with 217dent, 217-306-4175 or Contact Contact a rental car company and schedule a vehicle (before they are all taken) Schedule your appointment with your adjuster. (217Dent) will always work with adjusters and bring the proper lighting. Schedule repair…

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2016 GMC Yukon Aluminum Hood | Dent and Damage Removal | Sherman, IL & Springfield, IL | Paintless Dent Removal

2016 Yukon Dent Removal on hood Springfield, IL,

Springfield Dent Removal is 217Dent! These dents were removed from this like new 2016 Yukon, and the value of the vehicle was maintained.  This hood is an aluminum hood.  See the dents erased from aluminum.    This repair was done on site at customer’s location for convenience.  Second to none when the factory paint is undamaged!…

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2014 Jeep Wrangler Hail Dent Removal | Springfield, IL |

2014 Jeep Wrangler Dent Removal, Hail Damage on Hood. Springfield, IL. Paintless Dent Removal by Michael Bocek with

2014 Jeep Wrangler Dent on hood removed by Michael Bocek out of Springfield, IL.  Paintless dent removal process was used in removing this dent and the factory finish was preserved which maintained the value of the vehicle as well.   Paintless Dent Removal is your best option and a body shop was not necessary for…

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2016 Chrysler 300 C Aluminum Hood Dent Removal | Springfield, IL

2016 Chrysler 300 C AWD Dent Repair on Aluminum Hood, hail damage, Springfield, IL. PDR

2016 Chrysler 300 C AWD Dent removal on aluminum hood.  This dent was removed by Michael Bocek out of Springfield, IL. This was one of the many dents that is recieved when hail strikes your vehicle.  Paintless Dent Removal is the Best option to maintain value and to maintain the original factory finish. – Springfield,…

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2013 Silverado Bed Side Dent Removal | Springfield, IL

2013 Chevy Silverado, dent repair on the bedside removed with paintless dent removal, in or around Springfield, IL,

2013 Chevy Silverado had a dent in the bedside of the truck.  To gain access to this dent the tail light was removed, two phillips head screws were removed and the tail light came right out, and access to the back side of the dent was there.  This dent was removed with the paintless dent…

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2013 Audi A5 Rear Quarter Dent Repair | Springfield, IL

2013 Audi A5 Dent Repair on drivers rear quarter, paintless dent removal Springfield, IL

 2013 Audi A5 Dent in the driver’s side rear quarter being removed with the paintless dent removal process.  Michael Bocek your local dent expert performed this repair and removed this dent, this dent was done on location at the customer’s location. This customer was from Texas and was on vacation in Springfield, IL and scheduled…

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2015 Impala | Hail Damage on trunk | Springfield, IL | Dent Repair |

2015 Chevy Impala Hail damage removal on the trunk. Paintless Dent Repair, Paintless Dent Removal, Ding Removal, Springfield, IL, Michael Bocek.

2015 Impala with hail on the truck, the hail damage was removed by Michael Bocek with the paintless dent removal process. This repair was done on site, for customer convenience. Paintless dent removal is your best option when dealing with dings, dents and even hail damage. – Springfield, IL Before After More on This Repair   Images…

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2015 Dodge Ram | Tailgate Dent Removal | Springfield, IL

2015 Dodge Ram tailgate Dent repair in Springfield, IL, by Michael Bocek of 217 dent Paintless Dent Repair

“This 2015 Maroon Dodge Ram Big Horn had a creased dent in the tailgate above the handle.  The access for this dent required the removal of the latch and the camera.  Paintless Dent Repair, or Paintless Dent Removal is your best option and should always be your first call when you recieved damage and the…

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2015 Dodge Ram | Bedside Dent Removal | Springfield, IL |

2015 Dodge Ram Big Horn, This vehicle had a very sharp crease on the bedside, right above the bumper and right below the taillight.  The taillight was removed to gain access to this damage and was removed by Michael Bocek out of Springfield IL, your local dent expert. – Springfield, IL Before After More on This…

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2014 GMC Terrain | Fender Dent Repair | Springfield IL |


Paintless Dent Removal on the passenger side fender of this 2014 GMC Terrain, the access was through the inner fender liner, and the process of Paintless Dent Removal was performed by Michael Bocek your Springfield, IL. Local Dent Expert. ~Springfield, IL Before After View More Images of This Repair.    GO >

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2015 Chevy Cruze Hood Dents Springfield Illinois Mobile Dent Removal

2015 Cruze Hail Damage, Hood. Mobile Dent Repair Springfield IL, Taylorville IL, Pana IL, Decatur IL

[spacer height=”220px”] 2015 Chevrolet Cruze Hood Dent Removal [spacer height=”280px”]   [smartslider3 slider=15] This 2015 Chevy Cruze was repair with mobile dent removal expert Michael Bocek out of Springfield IL, and it was repaired on location in Pana IL, This dent repair was the finished product, and the last dent to be repaired on this…

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2016 Ford Mustang Dent Removal Passenger Rear Quarter

Springfield Illinois Mobile Dent Repair,, 2016 Ford Mustang, Dent in Passenger Rear Quarter removed by Dent Expert Michael Bocek

2016 Ford Mustang [spacer height=”40px”]   This 2016 Ford Mustang was brought to me in Springfield Illinois, to have this dent removed from the rear quarter.  This dent was into the body line.  The repair time on this dent removal was less than a day.  Customer was very happy with the dent removal and maintaining…

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